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October, 2020

Street Tag takes Oxfordshire by storm

Posted: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 14:07

Street Tag takes Oxfordshire by storm

We're delighted to be able to work with partners to promote Street Tag, a free smartphone app that offers a reward for physical activity and can be enjoyed by everyone across Oxfordshire. Primary Schools, families, communities or even individuals can record the distance they go by walking, cycling or running by scanning the virtual tags around the County.

We've been busy getting the word out about this fantastic scheme and are thrilled that nearly 60 primary schools across Oxfordshire have already signed up. Read on to find out more, spread the word and get tagging!

How can Primary Schools get involved?

Street Tag is a great way to get the whole school community active, with each season of Street Tag lasting for 12 weeks. Walking, cycling or park-and-striding to school creates more points for your school to earn more rewards each term.

Street Tag is the ultimate healthy competition for all Primary Schools to get involved with. At the end of the 12-week season, the top three schools on each of the District leader boards will receive £50 for their Parent Teacher Association. Then, the top two schools from each District in season one and two will be entered into the Street Tag Oxfordshire Schools Games finals to compete to be recognised as the most active schools in the County.

Once Primary Schools have signed up to Street Tag, the next steps are:

  • Download the Street Tag app through Google Play or App Store
  • Scan the QR code once you've reached your School by walking, cycling, running etc.
  • Earn points for your school through physical activity by scanning virtual tags on your journey and convert these into Street Tag points

How can you get involved in the community?

Street Tag is for everyone and you don't need to be linked to a Primary School. Individuals or families can join the Oxfordshire community league. Create teams of up to six people or take on the challenge yourself to collect points and earn rewards.

The Oxfordshire Community League runs for 12-week seasons and at the end of each season the top 10 in the leader board will win a reward from the City or District Councils.

Getting Involved

  • Download the Street Tag app through Google Play or App Store
  • Select Oxfordshire for the league table
  • Create a team or play individually

Active 60

We recently launched our Active 60 campaign to help ensure every child in Oxfordshire can achieve 60 active minutes, every day. Street Tag is a great way to achieve this whether as a family activity or school challenge.

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FAST Programme: how has COVID-19 impacted on families’ activity levels?

Posted: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 15:36

FAST Programme: how has COVID-19 impacted on families’ activity levels?

Cherwell District Council's FAST programme in Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington is designed to break down barriers for families so that they can access affordable physical activity and sports opportunities. FAST is funded by Sport England and partnerships and supported locally by Active Oxfordshire.

Lockdown survey for FAST families

During lockdown, the FAST team wanted to learn more about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on participants' physical activity levels and behaviours. It was also vital to understand more about the shifting barriers to getting active, to help adapt FAST activities going forwards. 153 families who had signed up to the FAST programme responded: you can read the full survey here

Headlines from the survey

  • Adults who took part in the FAST programme were less active during lockdown than adults in the general population, based on recent figures from Sport England
  • 35% of adults reported exercising less during lockdown than before
  • 25% of adults said they are exercising more (compared to 32% nationally)
  • In contrast, children who took part in the FAST programme were more active than national figures reported by Sport England, with 40% of FAST programme participants doing 30-60 minutes per day compared to 37% nationally
  • However, general activity levels for children are significantly lower than usual, with 56% of children doing less activity during lockdown

What are the barriers to getting active?

"We have done less and have struggled with ideas"

  • For 39% of families, lack of ideas on how to be active as a family has prevented them from being active together.
  • 32% of families see lack of space within their house as a barrier while an additional 12% of families do not have enough garden space.
  • Other barriers families have experienced include shielding, the closing of facilities, overcrowding of outdoor spaces, lack of motivation, anxiety and other commitments such as work, schooling and childcare.

Has lockdown changed physical activity behaviours of FAST families?

For many families, lockdown has provided new opportunities to get active together, such as walking and cycling; though it was clear that families have missed being able to access FAST sessions.

"We have slightly more time as a family to go for more walks and bike rides."

"We have walked more often and created more games to play outside. We miss swimming and soft play for toddler exercise."

"We have walked a lot more and found new places to wander. We miss swimming though A LOT!"

How has the FAST Programme adapted?

FAST has adapted to the current situation by rolling out a number of activities this summer within social distancing guidelines. Alongside partner organisations, FAST has safely introduced offers such as family swimming, table tennis, gym, clip 'n climb, canoeing and kayaking.

Many FAST families have found activities such as walking and cycling enjoyable and accessible during lockdown, while others have said they'd like more resources to help them go on fun walks and family-friendly cycling routes. For that reason, the FAST team will be launching the Streettag app. Families will then be able to explore different walking and cycling routes, collect points and win prizes.

FAST is also working with local partners to introduce a new cycling resource with information on local trails and guided rides. In addition, Youth Activator sessions are now being offered exclusively at outdoor venues with limited numbers and pre-booked slots.

We're very proud to be able to support Cherwell District Council's FAST Programme, at a time when staying physically active is critically important for our Oxfordshire community.

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