Inclusive Cycling

Wheels for All Oxford

Wheels for All Oxford provides cycling opportunities for adults (16+) and we aim to make it inclusive so it really is for 'all'.

Some riders come with a carer or supporter; others are independent and come to the session on their own or with a friend.

Some maybe recovering from an accident or learning how to cycle with an impairment and want to try out a variety of cycles, including our e-bikes to see what best suits their needs; other come because they haven't cycled for a long time and want to practice and build their confidence.

Some participants come to enjoy cycling with a friend or partner, especially if one of them is less able.

Some come to learn to cycle and practice their skills in a safe, supportive environment or simply to enjoy riding outdoors in a traffic free space.

All our participants come for the fun, fresh air, and exercise.

Wheels for All are open every Friday morning - booking is essential.

Learning to ride a bike

Guide to adapted cycles for inclusive cycling

Adapted cycles make cycling accessible to all, whatever your personal challenges. Cycling UK have a guide for wide range of special cycles that suit people with a variety of learning and physical disabilities and health issues.