GLL Better Centre

Leisure centre offers in West Oxfordshire

With your YouMove card you will be able to access discounted rates at GLL/Better leisure centres.

On your first visit to a leisure centre, you will need to sign up with GLL to be able to access this. Simply take along your YouMove card and GLL/Better colleagues will get you started.

GLL Leisure will be providing a bespoke "Pay as you Play" YouMove membership offer in West Oxfordshire. You will be able to enjoy activities without needing to sign up for a monthly membership and activities will be discounted by up to 50%.

Activities on offer in GLL Leisure Centres include swim for all and swim fitness sessions, badminton, squash and tennis (where centres have courts), soft play, gym. Speak to your local centre about sessions available for discount.

Swimming lessons and activities run by external providers will not be included in this offer.

Click here to find out more on what is going on at your local centres and how you access your 50% discount