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Benefits of Cycling

Oxford City Council and Oxford County Council are improving the cycling experience in Oxford. This is not only a good thing for cyclists but for everyone. More cycling means less congestion, shorter travel times, cleaner air and less noise.


  • Improves general health, helps to lower both blood pressure and the resting heart rate
  • Helps with weight and stress management
  • Improves fitness
  • Cyclists and pedestrians breathe in less fumes than car drivers
  • Saves you money
  • Produces no pollution so is good for the environment
  • Often quicker to get around in congested areas
  • Fewer cars on the road mean safer roads

Cycling Tips

For excellent beginner advise on cycling, visit CyclingUK to get the most out of riding a bike, whatever your ability. Cycling UK has been sharing advice about cycling for over 140 years.

British Cycling

British Cycling UK have some great tips for getting started, whether you want to get fit, race or just get around under your own steam, British Cycling have a range of ways to help you get into cycling.