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Kiddie Combat classes 🥊

Posted: Fri, 06 Apr 2018 15:35 by Stephanie Smith

Kiddie Combat classes 🥊

The Oxfordshire Kickboxing Club is proud to announce their new class – Kiddies Combat.

Saturdays from 21st April 2018

09:30am – 10:15am

Wood Farm Primary School – Main Hall

Age Limit: Children 3-6

£35.00 for 6 weeks (1 child)

£55.00 for 6 weeks (2 children)

More info at:


Kiddies combat is a way for children to learn key skills through play with their parents/carer. Every class will be carefully planned ensuring the prime areas for learning and development are targeted. Children and adults will be able to learn kickboxing techniques while developing their speech and language. The pair will be able to work on their flexibility while developing their mathematics. Parent and child will be part of a group where social and emotional development is encouraged through our furry friend 'Tyson'.

Tyson will be here to help you with your child, whether you need help with their behaviour meal times, bath time, tidy up time, bedtime, school work he will be the eyes and ears to help set weekly tasks for your child to achieve. At the end of the six week block Tyson will be re-homed to the child who has worked hard in and out of the Kiddies Combat class.

The Kiddies Combat classes are focused around the prime areas for learning and development;
Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
We aim to achieve all these areas through games and activities making it a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for parent and child. Each week we will focus on a kickboxing technique broken down into phonics which will have a corresponding game or activity. We will always have a circle time where everyone will be given the opportunity to speak to Tyson about what they have achieved/learnt over the past week. Tyson will listen to all the lovely things we say and notice about each other.

Kiddies Combat was founded by Emma Garrety the owner of Oxfordshire Kickboxing Club with the support from Go Active – Oxford City Council. Emma has over 12 years' experience in Martial Arts, coaching for at least 8 of them. She studied Education Studies at Oxford Brookes University and later gone on to be a private nanny. Throughout Emma's education she struggled with Dyslexia but Martial arts helped her to cope with the tasks she would face, it taught her many skills which she hopes Kiddies Combat will be able to pass onto you and your child.

Please note Kiddie Combat classes are based for children aged 3-6 years and must be accompanied by an adult.

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